Nov 08

Film Review – SPECTRE: The Spy Who Dragged Me



We Whovians have a saying, “You never forget your first Doctor” (Tom Baker,always and forever). As it is with 007, a similarly long-lived British franchise, you never forget your first Bond (Hello, Dalton!). However, the Bond we see in SPECTRE isn’t very memorable. And it’s quite the parlor trick: You forget this Bond because he reminds you of so many others before him. Rather than innovating the spy genre after all these years, SPECTRE reuses tropes and reduces Bond to parody. After 52 years of “007”, this Bond is only older, not bolder.



The first opening scenes of SPECTRE give the viewer a return to the familiar. Bond is inexplicably in some exotic local, (Mexico City during Dia de los Muertos), CHECK. Bond with a gorgeous woman on his arm, CHECK. Bond leaving gorgeous woman unfulfilled to do spy stuff, CHECK. Spy stuff results in explosions and a deadly chase with a villain, CHECK. (By the way, shout out to cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema–known recently for his work on “Interstellar”–for really pulling you in that hectic helicopter chase). Bond somehow lives to fight another day after quick work with the villain, and we never know what happens to the gorgeous lady he was with a few minutes ago so end scene and just queue the new Bond theme music and title sequence. CHECK.

By the third CHECK, I began to check out. SPECTRE was running on auto-pilot. It wasn’t until the title sequence started that I started to perk up a bit. Trust, this was not due to the music–Sam Smith’s “Writing on the Wall”, while lovely, does not carry the emotional heft of Adele’s haunting “Skyfall” theme. No, there was something different to this title sequence: tentacles, writhing tentacles everywhere and on everyone. It was a pop of Lovecraft I wasn’t expecting but geekily welcomed. The rest of the title sequence was peppered with images of fallen villains, loves, and bosses in the life of Daniel Craig’s Bond. Just as SPECTRE’s Bond is unable to shake the ghosts of missions past, so is the story itself as it stirs up nostalgic Bond to disastrous effect in a number of areas:

Bond, the (Anti) Hero: The standard superhero invincibility mode can get tiresome pretty fast. I actually have no qualms about the portrayal of Daniel Craig’s Bond as slightly tragic and damaged. Craig really sold me on Bond’s vulnerability in 2006’s “Casino Royale” and carried it through to perfection in “Skyfall.” In SPECTRE, Bond comes across as serviceable but soulless–mission-driven to be sure, but you never quite get his motivations. Bond is merely going through the motions. If Bond was following some code, it’d be the Contra Code (Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start–repeat!). The fact there is very little humor in this Bond only highlights this shortcoming. British humour is noted for being dry; but since SPECTRE was so set on recycling, Craig channeling just an ounce of Roger Moore would have been an improvement on the character.

The Villains: Before Bond meets the Big Bad, a tussle or two with a good henchman or henchwoman (Grace Jones, je t’aime!) is MUST. Who can forget Bond’s first meeting with the indomitable Richard Kiel as Jaws in the “Spy Who Loved Me”? He barely said a world but he proved there was a method behind his madness blow for blow. SPECTRE’s henchman du jour is Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx. Hinx is silent but deadly dull. See, a fight with Bond is more than a deadly dance, it’s a conversation. When you have a henchman with little to add to the conversation, the fight scenes turn into nothing more than an elaborate “Three Stooges” spar. The Bond Big Bad is SPECTRE architect Franz Oberhauser (actor Christoph Waltz). For all his natural charisma, not even Waltz could escape getting tossed with the recyclables. The best-worst de ja vu moment happens between Bond and Oberhauser in the film’s Third Act: Oberhauser: “Why did you come here, Mr. Bond?” Bond: “I came here to kill you.” Oberhauser: “And, I thought you came here to die.” Google “Goldfinger quote” and you’ll see what I mean. Waltz’s Oberhauser was so underutilized and understated I started to wish Oberhauser had a mentoring tea with fellow cat loving supervillain Dr. Evil from “Austin Powers.”

The Women: Save the best for last! Let’s start with the “Bond Girls” actresses Stephanie Sigman and Monica Bellucci. Stephanie Sigman is the first Mexican Bond Girl. While her involvement marks a cultural milestone for the franchise, she barely gets 3 minutes of screen time. When we do see her, she’s mostly seen on Bond’s arm and swiftly placed on Bond’s bed with next to no lines. ¡Qué lástima! Upon learning the stunning Monica Bellucci was going to the first age-appropriate Bond Girl, I wanted to cue “At Last!” But what happened between Lucia and Bond was quite regrettable. **SPOILER ALERT**: Bond meets Lucia at her husband’s funeral (yes, this is the movie Bond becomes a funeral crasher). Lucia as a grieving widow of an underground king pin is a valuable asset to Bond and she knows this. Rather than take an opportunity to show a witty but flirty exchange between 2 mature adults–we see Bond ‘pump’ her for information in his standard way for female informants. The cringeworthy scene of a mostly naked Bellucci pressed against the mirror by a fully clothed Craig is enough to make anyone revisit British feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey’s 1975 seminal essay “Visual Pleasure and the Narrative Cinema.” And finally, we have Bond’s love interest Madeleine Swann played by French actress Léa Seydoux. Seydoux actually holds her own in this film as Léa–so much so, it made you wander what did she see in Craig’s Bond anyway?

Were there any saving graces to SPECTRE? Well, I can name one and I guarantee it was not at the front of director Sam Mendes’s mind. SPECTRE is one of the few recent films depicting the dynamic push and pull of an inter-generational workplace. Part of what fuels SPECTRE’s story is the old school vs the new school trope. Young bureaucrat brass and techie “C” (Andrew Scott) is set on dismantling what he perceives to be the outdated Double-O program headed by the patrician M (Ralph Fiennes). M manages quite the team which includes brash Bond, and bright younger things Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q (Ben Whishaw). It’s really fun to see how this mixed ages group pulls together to accomplish the mission–when the movie hit these notes, it felt real and refreshing. Unfortunately for SPECTRE it was merely a spectral glimpse of the excitement this movie could have carried for a franchise old enough to know better.

2.75 out of 5 Cosmic Afros


Oct 29

Shadow Scout commentary: Jem and The Holograms – Story’s Reimagining Lacks ‘STEAM’

Holo2015 PosterWhile the rest of the world was celebrating a geek milestone–10/21/15 aka Back to the Future Day, I was cautiously anticipating another: 10/23/15, the premiere of the “Jem and the Holograms” live action movie. Back in the day, “Jem” was my everything! This movie has been a point of contention in for fans of the original series and rightfully so. (Please check out Jamie Broadnax’s 2014 post on post from 2014 “Where is Christy Marx?” for a primer in the film’s troubling production history.

While it pained me to think of the eventual long walk to the gallows for the movie, I decided to train myself emotionally and intellectually to view this film. I committed to re-watching the classic series annotated by @BlackGirlNerd’s #jemlivetweet. I familiarized myself with IDW’s “Jem” comic. I even attended the 2015 JemCon near Philadelphia. And just to clarify, JemCon was around before the movie and not because of the movie. (Check out my JemCon 2015 storify for a recap:

It was at JemCon where I met other “Jem” fans to deep-dive on my favorite “Jem” episodes. But the highlight of JemCon was meeting Christy Marx–creator of Jem (who is brilliant and clearly loves her Jem fans!). All eyes were on Marx as she spoke. There was no vitriol in Marx’s tone when she was asked to talk about the movie. Marx also shared that given the budget realities of the film, the movie could not take on a period piece approach. She also said director Jon Chu was looking forward to telling the “Jem” story in a different way that could lead to more stories. Once I heard that, it was my own personal lightbulb moment: The “Jem” movie was never intended to be a remake, but areimagining. Ok. Got it.

A reimagining is loosely inspired by the original source material. In a reimagining, you expect deviations from the original story lines that don’t detract from the essence of the story and its characters. When a reimagining is done well, you have a movie that does not completely alienate with fans of the original story but can still resonate with new audiences in relevant ways.

In my Thursday night “private screening” of JEM (translation: I was the only in the theater) it was clear the creative team behind the “Jem” movie did not get the same Reimagining 101 memo. Yes, the movie failed to capture the essence of what made “Jem and the Holograms” so great for the original fan base of the property on a number of levels (pick a movie review, any review, for more details on that angle). But in its bid to assert itself as hip and relevant, the film comes across culturally tone deaf to the world that young women now find themselves as learners and agents of their own realities.We are now living in an educational landscape where STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) learning and the Maker Movement are shaping how we think about youth voice and agency. Though created in the 80s, “Jem” was powered by STEAM before STEAM learning was cool (Jem & The Holograms…the Original STEAM Punks…meditate on that for a bit). (Re)Imagine if the creators of the movie decided to take reflect this reality rather than relying on the internet tropes. (Re)Imagine if Jerrica and Kimber were young artist entrepreneurs, or Aja had a knack for robotics and programming, and Shana was a maker maven who was just as adept at making funky power suits and she was handling power tools. (Re)Imagine if the “Jem” movie creative team participated in a hackathon with organizations like Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code to truly get schooled on STEAM, and actually talked to the young women and their mentors in these programs. Or easier yet, (re)imagine if the film’s director Jon Chu actually collaborated with Jem’s creator Christy Marx from start to finish. Marx started her career in comics and is now a game designer at Zynga; surely she has some great pointers on storytelling and authentic female agency.

As a fan of the original animated series, I’m saddened the new “Jem” movie never picked up STEAM. A “Jem and the Holograms” movie properly reimagined could have been a wonderful chance to craft a powerful narrative of young women inspired to use their talents and technology as a mode of meaning-making and greater self-expression, not self-indulgence. This is the truly outrageous life and our future is brighter because there are young women making it happen in so many creative ways. Now, isn’t that a story worth re-telling?

Oct 24

THE GREEN INFERNO – Those Cannibals Are Alright!



Going into this film, I expected to be left with disturbing images lingering in my mind for days. What I didn’t expect was leaving with thoughts of rain forest conservation, cultural perspectives of right and wrong, and adorable cannibal kids. Not to say there weren’t any disturbing images; I’ll never look at smoked ham the same again. But Roth skips some of the gore of the Italian cannibal films of the past for more of a story layered with some relevancy. The simple setup for this torture porn is that a group of young Americans get caught out in Peru with a tribe with specific culinary tastes. But then we go from slicing and dicing people to National Geographic moments, and then a little more slicing and dicing. Given the history of film, where indigenous people have been portrayed as the savage, Inferno gives you both sides of this imaginary tribe – the horrific and the humanizing. It was inventive to show the natives talking and laughing over a family meal, but instead of mom’s fried chicken and potato salad, it’s Johnny’s leg with some carrots, onions and a little dipping sauce on the side. Hannibal would have loved to have traded recipes. Scenery and cinematography were beautiful. And all the people that were of South American descent who worked on the pre- and post-production helped with the authenticity I’m sure. Not that I know what Peru looks like, but Roth’s intentions of shooting the film on location with real local citizens paid off. What didn’t pay off was the weak acting from some of the cast. It’s a horror film I know, but it doesn’t hurt to hope for some good dialogue delivery. Now the villagers that portrayed the cannibals? Spot on. I would not want to meet these fictional jungle dwellers, nor be within a thousand miles of them. Fans of Roth might want to see more Hostel like scenes, but I give him credit for bringing something more to what could have been a very shallow tale.  Geek Soul Brother gives it 3.25 out of 5 Cosmic Afros.


Oct 24

Jessica Jones Trailer – Evil Tennant and a little Luke Lovin’

Jones trailer poster


We have had several teasers for the second Marvel / Netflix series premiering November 20th.  Where we saw the rise of a superhero in Daredevil, this trailer hints at how Jessica did horrible things while in the will-bending clutches of Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man in Marvel comics.  We also get to see glimpses of said evil villain played by the same person that played a certain charming time traveling doctor – David Tennant. Something tells me that Miss Jones will wish that she could travel back in time after meeting Tennant’s character. We also get a very curious Luke Cage asking Jessica about her powers. I don’t know if that’s how a player gets into a superheroine’s pants, but it seemed to have worked for Cage.  This and all of the other scenes in the trailer begs the question: Is Jessica Jones going to be even darker than Daredevil?  DD didn’t have any sex scenes really, and not even a whole bunch of cursing.  Those familiar with J Jones story know that it was an R rated equivalent of a comic series.  How much is Disney willing to let Netflix show?  I personally think they can pull it off, even if the streaming giant doesn’t feature anything explicit.  But I guess we won’t know for another month or so.  If you don’t want to spoil the story than you can do some homework by reading the former Jessica Jones comic – Alias.





Sep 23

A Christmas Horror Story – A bad film full of things you love!

What makes a bad horror film good?  It’s filled with things that you would love to see but no one in their right minds would include in a serious film.  Well A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY has several things that make it a potentially great-bad horror film.  Krampus, Zombie elves, a rarely seen whole black family, and lastly – William Shatner.  And that’s just the trailer.  After watching, you probably won’t know what to think, but just let it sink in a little and it will hit you in how wonderfully bad this film might be.





Sep 20

#SaturdayNightSciFi – Where The Geeks Watch It All

Have you ever Live Tweeted a Movie or TV show?  You might not even know what that is if you have never been on twitter.  Well, millions of us twitter users do it.  And many of us host our own live tweet. It’s when you and many others watch something at the same time and follow what is called a Hashtag in twitter to see each other’s tweets.  This virtual living room might seem stupid to the uninitiated, but it’s hella fun.

I was inspired last year by @BlackGirlNerds and their #JemLiveTweet and @GraveyardSister with her #FridayNightHorror to start my own “live tweet”.  Back in December of 2014 I started #SaturdayNightSciFi. I didn’t know how long I was going to keep it up, but I figured a few Saturdays in a row wouldn’t hurt.  The live tweet ran a bit longer than just a few weekends.  Really, I blame all my fellow twitter peeps that kept me wanting to show them more.  Their response gave me plenty of positive energy; not to mention I was achieving my personal mission to introduce unique, classic or under-rated SciFi to my fellow Blerds, Nerds and Geeks.  The mission was immediately fulfilled with the introduction of Equilibrium and Snow Piercer.  Cats loved them and we were off and running.

Here is a list of films and TV shows that we have watched thus far.  If you haven’t seen some of them, try to catch a few if you can.  And certainly you should join us, if you haven’t already, for the next #SaturdayNightSciFi at 10PM EST every weekend (at least at the time of this post).  I hope you enjoy it as much as my fellow SNSciFi nerds and I do.  Of course you should also check @BlackGirlNerds #80sLiveTweet and @GraveyardSister #FridayNightHorror.



12/02/14 – Equilibrium

12/06/14 – Snow Piercer

12/13/14 – Fantastic Voyage

01/03/15 – Upside Down

01/10/15 – Total Recall and Running Man

01/17/15 – The Host (Korean)

01/24/15 – War of the Worlds 1953

01/30/15 – The Brass Teapot

02/07/15 – Son of Ingagi

02/14/15 – Timer

02/21/15 – Brother From Another Planet

02/27/15 – Star Trek: Space Seed / Wrath Of Khan

03/07/15 – Terminator 2

03/14/15 – The Machine

03/21/15 – Robocop 1987

03/28/15 – Barbarella

04/04/15 – Galaxy Quest

04/11/15 – Invasion of the body snatchers 1978

04/18/15 – TAKING A BREAK

04/25/15 – Robot And Frank

05/09/15 – Star Wars

05/16/15 – Existanz

05/23/15 – Big Trouble In Little China

05/30/15 – Star Trek: The Voyage Home

06/06/15 – Eva

06/13/15 – The Misfits Eps 1 and 2

06/20/15 – Strange Days

06/27/15 – Fringe Eps 1 and 2

07/04/15 – Terminator

07/11/15 – TV Show Farscape Eps 1 and 2

07/18/15 – Conan 1982

07/25/15 – The Fifth Element – Hosts @iamkhinton @saucissonsec @LisaBolekaja @BeeGiant @indoob

08/01/15 – This Island Earth

08/07/15 – Parallels

08/15/15 – They Live Co-hosted @GraveyardSister

08/22/15 – Advantageous

08/29/15 – Firefly Eps. 1 and 2

09/05/15 – Damnation Ally

09/12/15 – Hellboy

09/19/15 – The Lathe Of Heaven 1980

09/26/15 – Flash Gordon 1981

10/03/15 – Re-Animator

10/10/15 – PontyPool with Real Queen of Horror @LovelyZena

10/17/15 – Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1956

Sep 06

Writer, Director, and Comic Creator ERIC DEAN SEATON – LEGEND OF THE MANTAMAJI

_BfL09x6This was a special episode of the Geek Soul Brother And The Nerdy Venoms podcast.  It was the inagural episode of the Comics, Games and Anime show put together by The Private, MDawg, Toby-Wan Kenobi and Lord Dalek.  They affectionately entitled the monthly show – COMIGAMANI

And to make this episode even more special the comic loving nerds invited for their very first guest ERIC DEAN SEATON, who has not only worked as a writer and director of several TV shows at different times, but has created his own graphic novel series called LEGEND OF THE MANTAMAJI.

Eric talks about how he came up with the idea for the graphic novel, what it is like to work on interesting TV shows and how to survive as a creative person.  Basically Mr. Seaton was droppin’ pearls of wisdom when it comes to playing the TV and indie comic game! Follow Eric on twitter @EricDeanSeaton Enjoy.

Oh, and keep listening for Lord Dalek’s quiet rant about current anime!

Of course you can find the show in iTunes and Stitcher.

Aug 29



SOC 01

So let me get this out of the way first: I didn’t listen to NWA at all.  It wasn’t because I was against gangster rap.  I didn’t listen to much rap at all.  In fact, I didn’t go out of my way to listen to any music for the most part.  The last ablums I bought were in the early eighties.  When the late 80s came around I was into films and VHS tapes and working by butt off to keep a roof over my family’s head.

When I went in to watch STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON I was going without the previous knowledge of the story of NWA.  From that perspective I figured I would enjoy the journey that the characters would take on their rise to fame.

To answer the first question on people’s minds; O’Shea Jackson Jr gave a great performance in portraying his pops Ice Cube. I was surprised that some people didn’t know that O’Shea was his son.  Now you would think that it can’t be hard to play your dad in a film. I mean you grew up with him all your life and you actually have his DNA so some things you do are going to be reflecting your dad anyway.  But this kid embraced the role and looked like he gave it all he had.  I would love to see Jackson play in another dramatic but totally different role.

Corey Hawkins as Dre and Jason Mitchell as Easy E completed the triple threat of acting gravitas with the latter showing a great deal of character depth.  Side note: Hollywood is missing out on using great talent among black actors by giving many roles to just a chosen few like Denzel or Berry.

And who can’t love Giamatti in any role he plays. One special quality of the film is how F Gary Gray and the rest of the writers gave equal weight to all three characters instead of the usual focus on a main character out of the ensemble.  The story wasn’t rushed but was not at all boring. In fact the blend of naturally comedic moments with the drama and chaos worked very well.  I didn’t expect some genuine laughs to come out of the story, but the cast showed some natural light moments as well as ones with drama.

And one other actor had a screen presence that made you hold your breath a little when he showed up on the scene.  R. Marcos Taylor played the gangster among gangster producers and he killed it.  I’m just saying, they should make a Friday The 13th like horror film based on Suge Knight. Did Taylor even blink in the whole film?  I couldn’t tell ya.

The only thing that struck me funny was the lack of women in the story that added to the plot.  There was Dre’s mom, but for almost two hrs women in the film were just half naked (or naked) backdrops to the scenes.  Like I said, I didn’t know the story of NWA.  I could be that they really didn’t have any women interacting with them on a business or personal level like that.  But after talking with the so many other geeks that know the real story I can see that my suspicions were justified.  Maybe it was a writing and story flow choice.  I just thought it was odd.

Anyway, even if the film was partially fictional or left some of the real history of the iconic rap group out, I still enjoyed it on a cinematic level.  I thought it was well told and kept my interest to the very end.  The tone did take a dive in another direction towards the last 15 minutes, but it was understandable.

Geek Soul Brother gives STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON 4.25 outta 5 COSMIC AFROS.4.25-Cosmic-Afros

Aug 20

Trailer Jive: AIR (2015)

This film actually came out a week ago as a limited release (Aug 14th).  But since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it, I figure I might as well post the trailer for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure.  I haven’t seen the film myself.  If I’m not patient enough to wait until it’s on Netflix or something it is still available on demand.  I’m just thinking that a Scifi thriller with Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou has got to be worth a try.



Jul 28

Film Review – Pixels: Groan of Arcadia


Review By Lakita – a.k.a. @artshumana

A movie like “Pixels” is usually a recipe for easy money in Hollywood’s summer cookbook: A tale with a crisp premise and a juicy, nostalgic core. (Do watch the animated short film that inspired Pixels by French director Jean Patrick). Unfortunately what Pixels actually cooks up really leaves a bad taste in your mouth (and mind) through the onslaught of corny lines, sexist subtext, and shallow characters. I found myself wishing I was Ms. Pac-Man on the chase in search of a “better story” power pellet. In other words, “Pixels” made me want to hit the RESET button and go console myself!



The tragedy of “Pixels” is that it did not have to be so awful. The movie is based on a clever short film and they were able to secure the rights to some of the most beloved games from the arcade era. Hey, even the beginning scenes of the movie worked. “Pixels” starts out with life circa 1982 with childhood friends Adam Sandler’s Sam Brenner and Kevin James’s Will Cooper at the arcade. They also meet and befriend outcast and arcade regular Ludlow Lamonsoff, played by Josh Gad–most notable for his adorkable turn in Kevin Hart’s “The Wedding Ringer.” We quickly establish that Sam Brenner has a gift for arcade gaming. Will conveniently encourages him to enter the 1982 Worldwide Arcade Championships conveniently sponsored by NASA. At the Championships Brenner battles a brash arcader known as Eddie “The Fireblaster” (who as an adult is played by “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage). It is not surprising these throwback childhood scenes pull together–director Chris Columbus along with the late John Hughes helped define the teen triumph films of the 80s.

But once we move into the present-day, things quickly deteriorate. Adam Sandler’s character is still BFF with Kevin James’s character–and Kevin James is now President of the United States of America. Michelle Monaghan portrays Violet, who gets the dubious honor of being “the hard-won love interest in an Adam Sandler movie”. Violet is recently divorced and leads special initiatives at DARPA while attending to the needs of her young son (actor Matt Lintz).

In one painful scene, Adam Sandler’s character actually yells at Violet when she presents her strategy to defeat the alien attacks in the White House Situation Room. His character says something like “Who asked you to speak? You don’t even have a place at the table.” Ouch. Surely Adam Sandler and Chris Columbus have heard of #Gamergate? The arcade and gaming world is portrayed as an exclusively male domain in “Pixels”, by the way. Surely Adam Sandler and Chris Columbus are aware of federal initiatives to support women and girls in STEM careers and surely they know that NASA has made major strides in providing pathways for women in data science? And surely they are aware that we live in a world where the brilliant Megan Smith is the Chief Technology Officer of the United States and the first “gamer” post in the White House was held by Dr. Constance Steinkuehler. Kevin James as President of the United States?–I can suspend belief, sure. But when you tell me a woman in a high-level STEM position at the White House gets told to ‘shut it’ by Adam Sandler and the President is okay with that–that is a bridge too far! With equity issues in STEM fields, ‘boss battles’ and ‘one-ups’ take on a different meaning; “Pixels” is egregiously out of touch with these issues. Frankly, “Sharknado 3” in all its campy glory did a better job of depicting Washington, DC life than “Pixels!”

At its 8bit blinking heart, “Pixels” is an awful nostalgia film. A good nostalgia film recaptures the feels of the older generation while still finding values that resonate with younger movie-goers. Instead “Pixels” pulls an unfortunate film ‘bait & switch’–it lures you in with the game characters you grew up with and then gives you a movie that so desperately needs to LEVEL UP and GROW UP. Take my advice and don’t touch this ‘joyschtick’ from Adam Sandler.


Author – Lakita’s geek force within was first publicly observed when she bopped to Herbie Hancock’s “Rock It” video as a very young child. This same said force was nurtured in adolescence through many weekends watching “Star Trek: Original Series” with her father and VHS binge-reserving “The Twilight Zone” television series from her nearest nerd sanctuary, the public library! Lakita also considers herself a public service “lifer” and supports youth voice inspired and empowered by the arts. A live tweeter and competitive trivia leaguer with dreams of learning esperanto or coding one day (whichever comes first), you can usually find her on twitter: @artshumana

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