Sinseerly Yours


Format: CD

Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 1
SKU: 102525
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Thee Sinseers are a nine piece retro Soul band from Southern California led by singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Joseph Quonones. Their sound is grounded in early to mid 70s classic harmony group soul. Their debut album for the Colemine label ‘Sinseerly Yours’ contains 10 mid tempo and ballad tracks written by Quinones, which are beautifully sung and played by the band, who are also accompanied by guest vocalists, strings and additional horns to create a very full sound. ‘What’s His Name’, ‘Can’t Call Me Baby’ , ‘Give It Up You Fool’, ‘Hold On’ are highlights however this a solid album throughout. If you like Kelly Finnigan, Durand Jones or The Sextones , this strong album is likely to appeal to you.



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