Into You


Format: CD

Incognito return with their first album in four years. Bluey is accompanied by many long term associates like Francis Hylton on bass and Dominic ‘Ski’ Oakenfull on keyboards along with newer members as they create that familiar feel good full band sound, across 16 new tracks. Tony Momrelle is joined by Natalie Duncan and Cherri V on vocals. ‘Keep Me In The Dark’ , ‘Nothing Makes Me Feel Better’, ‘Stories Of Our Past’  and 1993′ ft Chicco Allotta on vocals,  are horn backed uptempo Soul tracks. ‘Colorblind’, ‘Days Like These’, ‘One Step’ and  ‘Make Me Change My Mind’ are more laid back Jazzy Soul grooves, whilst ‘Reconcile The Pieces’   ‘Keep On Dancing’ and ‘Into You’ are more soul oriented mid tempo tracks. There are some really nice instrumental cuts like brassy driving ‘The Lowrider’ and ‘Come To Me’ plus the mid tempo funky jazz ‘Close To Midnight’ featuring writer Max Beesley on vibes, which allow the band to stretch out more. Really nice album with the quality instrumentation,  songs and vocals that you would expect from the most consistent UK Band.

Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 1
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