The Love Factor


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Format: CD
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Musician, songwriter and producer Brandon Williams first came to our attention with 2014’s XII album and this long awaited follow up is a triumph of soul and jazz where Williams again assemble a stellar cast of collaborators. The lush, orchestrated, ethereal ‘Say You Love Me’ features the breathy vocals of Sequoia Synders as well as Alex Isley (son of Ernie), the Marvin referencing ‘You’re Mine’ is a dreamy mid tempo soul effort while the jazzy ‘Godsend (revisited)’ has a lazy, drifting tempo that sits between the punchier, tension filled ‘Let It Go’ and the swirling mellow ballad ‘In Love’ featuring Brian McKnight. The bright, easy flowing ‘In Their Shoes’ sees the tempo raised slightly but the slower, more ponderous numbers offer layers that reward with each listen. The strings create a sophistication on the big, almost stage-song feel of ‘Love Dance’ that includes Marcus Miller while Eric Roberson features on the pulsing beat of ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’. Great stuff and a well worth the wait.

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