Oct 23 2016

Stars Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton Talk HBO Westworld

A couple weeks ago I and some blerdy / nerdy friends of mine were invited to an HBO Westworld premiere event. In addition we were part of a discussion panel with moderator Jason Silva of Brain Games.  But the fun didn’t stop there.  Here are two interviews graciously provided by the network of the stars of Westworld, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton. They both give interesting points of view on different aspects of the new science fiction series.

The cool thing here is how Jeffrey illustrates the intersections of reality and fantasy, not just from the humans that are guests at Westworld, but also from the robots’ (hosts) points of view. There is reality of the labs, and there is the fantasy of the amusement park. That is, fantasy for the humans.  The amusement park IS the reality for the robots, and the labs are the ‘dream’.

Thandie Newton speaks on the purpose of Westworld and how people can not only escape their 9 to 5 lives, but also go beyond what we would call virtual reality. Westworld is as real as it gets, without the danger of getting killed. But did the guests see the 1973 film?  I’m thinking not. And in all fairness, HBO Westworld seems to be taking a more interesting direction than the original film.


 Catch Westworld on Sunday nights at 9PM EST.


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