Apr 01 2016

New Trailer – “LIGHTS OUT”… Nah Yo! I’ll Pay the Electric Bill

This is a bold statement I’m about to make, but I think James Wan is close to being my new John Carpenter.  Wait, you don’t know who John Carpenter is?  Halloween, The Fog, They Live?  He was a master horror and quirky film director that blew up in the 80s.  He’s one of my all time favorite filmmakers and Justin Wan seems to be walking steadily down Carpenter’s path.

Carpenter wrote and directed Halloween and introduced an iconic character into the world of horror. Heck, he almost invented the modern slasher genre. And decades later we have James Wan also introducing a new character into the world of horror with SAW, and basically helping to invent a new sub-genre – Torture Porn.  JC created the horror masterpiece called THE THING.  James created a memorable horror film called THE CONJURING.  Carpenter dived into the quirky side of things with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.  Wan gave us the over-the-top FURIOUS 7.  And now CONJURING 2 is coming out later this year and he’s going to be working on DC’s AQUAMAN.

But for now I’m focusing on this trailer. Wan didn’t direct or write it, but I think his fingerprints are on it.  LIGHTS OUT isn’t the most original concept, but the execution looks like it’s working. The first 30 seconds can have you shook.  Look for the lights to go out in theaters July 22, 2016.


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