Aug 22 2011


Oh oh!  Look out!  Nicolas Cage is trying it again.  As if the first time wasn’t painful enough, Nick is back as the vigilante from hell in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE!


Now I know the first one had problems, but I will argue the point with anyone if they say that the actual Ghost Rider parts didn’t look Awesome!  I loved the effects and what they had him do.  The rest of the movie, what can I say, Eva Mendes and her ‘assets’ weren’t enough to carry all the bad acting in that one.

My buddy said that he didn’t like the new ‘burnt crispy’ look of Ghost Rider in this one, and I’m with him on that.  At least the exceptional acting of Idris Elba is in it.  Who knows, maybe they improved it.  GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE comes out 2-17-12.

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  1. Eric Rivera

    Yeah man, I’m not falling for it again. Eva Mendez, and the computer graphics were the only reason I stayed for the whole thing. They need to do a reboot of the entire movie with an unknown actor playing Johnny Cage.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Absolutely Yo. If they got some modern day James Dean type guy then I would be cool with that. Unknown actors should play well known superheroes. Except Downey as Tony Stark, that was genius.

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