Oct 03 2013


hobbit desolation smaug 01

Some Tolkien fans are a little miffed that the Hobbit films aren’t keeping with the book.  I heard some say that one main criticism is that Bilbo Baggins, our main character, doesn’t stay invisible when talking to Smaug in the treasure chamber.  I was agreeing with that for a moment until I watched this main trailer.  Now I feel like it would be a little awkward just to see Smaug speaking to a disembodied voice. Not really disembodied, just Bilbo using The Ring to keep himself invisible during a life threatening verbal intercourse.

It looks like Peter Jackson took even more liberties with this trilogy than he did with THE LORD OF THE RINGS. But really, I’m not hating for the most part.  I’m liking the trailer so far, and it appears that the film(s) are shaping up to be good fantasy ride.

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