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It’s difficult being a dad.  Having to raise a family while running an evil empire or corporation takes the joy out of fatherhood.  Sometimes they don’t have time to spend those quality moments with their sons or daughters.  But eventually, when the heroes come and stop their evil plans, these evil doctors and killers and emperors only have their family to go back to.  That’s why for FATHER’S DAY Geek Soul Brother will honor these TOP TEN LOVING EVIL FATHERS.


10. Michael Dawson, father of Walt in LOST.  Michael had a hard time connecting to his son.  Kept away by a string of bad events, he finally was able to get a chance to spend time with Walt, on an uncharted mystical island.  Dawson didn’t start out an evil man, but because his son was taken, he resorted to bargaining with the captures.  It was all down hill from there, but Michael never stopped caring for his boy.




9. Captain Boomerang, father of Captain Boomerang Jr. – George ‘Digger’ Harkness was never a very successful villain.  But after a time, he thought that maybe he could make amends with his estranged son Owen.  He found Owen and the two reconnected.  Unfortunately, Digger didn’t get a chance to stick around, he was shot by Jack Drake, father of Tim Drake.  But his love for his son made Owen take up his father’s trade as the new Captain Boomerang.



8. Black Manta, father of Aqualad – In the YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon, Black Manta is a proud evil father of his son Jackson.  It’s hard for the Nemesis of Aquaman and threat of the seven seas to show that fatherly love, but you can tell that Manta loves his son, especially when Jackson performs missions of destruction and chaos.




7. Walternate Bishop, father of Peter Bishop – In an alternate reality to our own Walter Bishop’s son Peter was taken from him.  Who knows what tragedy does to a man.  But to this man, the loosing of his son turned him into a heartless politician and evil genius.  I think if you’re going to destroy a universe with your own son in it, even if it’s to save your own, you must have a streak of evil in ya.  But as the story goes, Walter(nate) saw the error in his ways and worked with the other side to find a solution.  He regretted not being able to raise his boy, but maybe that was for the best.


6. J. Jonah Jameson, father of John Jonah Jameson III – J. Jonah wasn’t necessarily an evil man, except when it came to wanting to kill Spiderman.  As an aspiring murderer of a superhero, I think he qualifies.  The only person he was more passionate about was his son John.  He thought his world would end when John the astronaut was about to crash to earth.  But Spiderman saved John and kept J. Jonah from being an ex-dad.  Did Jameson thank the masked Hero?  No, he blamed the whole thing on Spiderman anyway.


5. Dr. Evil, father of Scott Evil – Dr. Evil didn’t have much time to be a great dad, what with being frozen for most of the kid’s life, and being obsessed with taking over the world.  But little by little, the Doctor and Scott started to get closer.  Even when mini-me came between them, in the end Dr. Evil chose to be a good loving evil dad.




4. Jango Fett, Father of Boba Fett. – He was a ruthless murdering space bounty hunter.  But that didn’t mean he didn’t have time to play catch or Lazer-blaster tag with his boy Boba.  And as all loving evil fathers do, Jango made sure that he raised Boba with the same ethics and values that he had.  That’s why Boba became such a worthy bounty hunter all his own.  Too bad the Jedi Mace Windu cut their relationship short, as well as Jango’s head.



3. Magneto, father of Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver – they didn’t even know who their father was for the longest.  He even had them join his brotherhood of evil mutants.  The master of magnetism had much bigger plans than to be a dad.  But eventually after the twins found the truth, Magnus showed his care for his kids.  Well, when he wasn’t using them for world domination.




2. Lionel Luthor, father of Lex Luthor – There wasn’t a doubt that Lionel loved his kid Lex.  But the evil head of the Luthor Corporation had that kind of ‘tough love’ necessary to bring up the next CEO of the global company.  Lex would have liked to have a little father / son time at a baseball game, or even just a little heart to heart with his old man, but that probably didn’t fit into Lionel’s training regiment.  Ironically, Lionel saw the error in the fatherly ways and tried to make amends.  And Lex appreciated it, but it was too late.  Lex became the ruthless head of their corporation like Lionel originally wanted.  You got to watch how you train up your child, he may take your job one day.


1. Darth Vader, father of Luke Skywalker – Most evil and most loving of the Loving Evil dads, Old Darth wanted nothing more than to have his son join him in killing the Emperor and ruling the galaxy together.  In fact he let him know how much he cared, right after he cut off Luke’s hand.  But to Darth’s dismay, Luke turned down his initial offer.  Luke had a good thing going with his Jedi training and all.  Vader’s love ended up winning out, as Luke knew his dad still had some good in him.  So when the emperor was about to kill his boy, Darth Vader had to go off with the force skills and sack that old sucka.  Nobody messed with his little Luke.


I hope you liked the list for this 2012 Father’s Day.  I know you have some loving evil dad choices of your own.  Write them in the comments and let me know who they are.

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  1. El Camino

    This is a great top 10 list. I’m particularly impressed that you added Dr. Evil to the list. You get extra El Camino cool points for that one.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Thanks dude. I know there are some others, but that’s what I came up with so far.

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