Aug 14 2013

GSB Flashback: THE TIME MACHINE (1960)

The Time Machine Poster

I don’t remember seeing this as a kid, unlike most of the classic Scifi that I post.  I watched it from beginning to end more than 10 years ago and enjoyed this version of one of Wells’ most famous novels.  The acting by Rod Taylor was decent, but the attraction for me was the 60s special effects that always seemed to be the highlight of the films George Pal produced. Especially that Time Machine!  It was a beautifully designed prop that sold the whole film along with the time-lapse special effects.

The under ground troglodyte race looked a little corny, but I guess that was okay.  I will say this – for some reason the 1960 version was more satisfying than the 2002 remake with Guy Pierce, which had its problems, but Samantha Mumba wasn’t one of them.


image source: Cinema52.com

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  1. Luna

    Omg…blast from the past. I saw this many times as a kid on TV. I think they played it on Frazier Thomas show that was on Sudnay afternoon or evening(??) As a kid the Troglodytes freaked me out…lol! They were so creepy to me.

    BTW– Have you heard anything about The Mortal Instruments movie that opens this week? I just finished the book and though I usually don’t read Y/A fiction it was pretty good. The movie has some really good actors– Aiden Turner and Jonathan Rhys Meyers…but I fear the walking down “Twilight” road.

    …and yes, that second Thor trailer was AWESOME!!!

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I always like watching the time-traveling sequences. Good special effects.

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