Jul 19 2012

The Nerd Couch: Pushy Nerds Are A Good Thing.

If you’re a nerd, then you’re probably pushy.  You tell people this or that is the right way.  You insist they do things your way, because it’s easier.  You show people to newest program or gadget that you know will make their life easier and more enjoyable.  But mostly you’re annoying.  Myself included.

The general population doesn’t like change, but we as nerds love the new and up-to-date.  We’re only pushy because our cause is just, and we want help.  In fact, we’re dying to help.

Nerds run into a lot of friction when they try to get un-nerd friends and family to try something.  But think back to the times when those people actually took your suggestion.  To the time when your parents actually got that software or iPad or wireless router?  What happened?  They thanked you down the road, didn’t they?  My own experience was years ago, when I got tired of my wife playing scratched up CDs, and finally got her an iPod Mini.  She was adamant about not getting one, but I ignored her protests.  What happened?  She fell in love with the thing.  And then she got an iPhone and loves it.  And now, just the other day she mentioned an iPad.  If you’re a nerd out there, especially one married to a non-nerd, you know what I’m talking about.

If nerds weren’t pushy, we wouldn’t have a tenth of the things we have today.  You don’t think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs weren’t pushy nerds?  James Cameron and Spielberg?  It’s in us to be pushy.  It’s almost a religious zealousness, like a christian preaching the gospel.  They want to see everyone saved, and nerds want to see everyone saved… from old slow technology and dull lives.

So yeah, nerds are pushy, and it’s a good thing.

The only thing I suggest as an older nerd is try to dial down the enthusiasm, particularly if you see a friend or family isn’t interested at first.  Believe me, the time will come when they will have that same problem or need pop up, and you can be there again to suggest the solution.  Because that’s what we do, think of solutions.  Remember my Geek brothers and sisters, you have the answers, they just aren’t asking the questions.

Keep on being push, and save the world from its boring, technology illiterate self.

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