Apr 05 2012

The Nerd Couch: What Would Parents Do for Their Kids?

Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter and Alissa Skovbye as Grace

ONCE UPON A TIME continues to amaze me with their portrayal of family drama, particularly parenthood.  They reinforces the ongoing theme of parents trying to do right by their children, but paying a hard price for it.  The show’s pilot began with Snow White and Prince Charming trying to save their baby daughter from the Evil Queen’s spell.

A couple weeks ago in the episode Hat Trick, The Mad Hatter only wanted better for his daughter.  He wanted to make some money so that he could give her things, even though his daughter told him that their life was fine as long as they were together.  But he made a bad deal and ended up being totally separated from her.  Thus driving him mad.  Not a very happy episode.

Many of the stories center on a character trying to save their child from some danger or poverty or something.  And, as with most fables, there is the moral that you can’t just make something ‘magically’ better.

Fear of not giving our kids enough or not doing enough could make us make decisions that hurt in the long run.  Sometimes we hurt ourselves and our relationships with our kids by trying to do too much for them.  Like working too hard because you want to give them things, but you aren’t around to enjoy time with them. Or being a part of everything that they do at school every moment, when all they want to do is spend time with their friends or just have a little ‘me’ time.  Give them some breathing room every now and then.  Maybe even some room to make their own mistakes.

The most important thing you can give a kid is your time when they want it, or need it.  Believe me, they will need a lot.  But don’t forget to give them some room to be themselves.  Don’t worry about the material stuff so much, it will come with patience and good planing anyway.  When it comes to children, the old saying is true ‘The most important things in life are free.’

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