Jul 17 2011

The Long Awaited JOHN CARTER!

The first trailer for JOHN CARTER came out a few days ago.   First written by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS and originally called ‘A PRINCESS OF MARS‘, this story holds a special place in my little geek heart.  It was the first sci-fi story that really grabbed me when I was young and just getting into novels.  I read a few stories before ‘Princess’, but this lesser acknowledged work of Burroughs (he wrote Tarzan) was such an incredible ride into the fantastic that it had my young imagination soaring.  ‘Princess of Mars’ had a swashbuckling sword-fighting excitement, like a pirate or arabian nights’ saga, but in a distant world and time forgotten way.  I loved it and continue to cherish how it fueled my love of fantasy and sci-fi.  Here’s the trailer:


I’ve been wanting someone to make this film for a long time.  I’m hoping that Disney does it right (they better).  From the trailer, I get a sense that they took the original story seriously.  Of course, there are curtain things that they probably changed, so I will give them SOME leeway.  One memorable aspect of John Carter was the spectacular sword fights, which were written with excitement by Edgar Rice.  With Disney’s PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise so successful, I can’t see them Jackin’ Up that part of John Carter.  But we will see.  JOHN CARTER comes out March 9th, 2012.

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