Dec 09 2012

The Funky Q Review: [REC]3 GENESIS

THE FUNKY Q REVIEW is where I review movies that slipped under my radar in the past, and I take the chance to see them later (either through Netflix or other service).  Usually they were released within the past few years and don’t fall into the ‘Flashback’ category.

Director: Paco Plaza

Writers: Paco Plaza, David Gallart

Stars: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín and Ismael Martínez

They say three is a charm, but I don’t know if that’s true in the case of Paco Plaza’s third installment of his [REC] series.    I didn’t catch REC 2… shoot, I didn’t even see the American version QUARENTINE 2.  So I don’t know if this latest film was better or worse.  I’m hoping it was better though because, even though REC 3 wasn’t terrible, it didn’t really complete my need for raging Zombie like horror.  On the contrary, REC 3 took some turns that I didn’t expect.

Clara and Koldo are a couple in love.  It’s their wedding day and everything looks perfect.  Family is there, the dress is beautiful, and the groom isn’t embarrassed to express his love through an impromptu song at the altar.  Onto the reception.  The party is hopping and everyone is having a good time, until their uncle starts tripping.  And when I say tripping, I mean biting people in the neck!  All hell breaks loose as more people start acting crazy.  Clara and Koldo get separated, and they spend most of the remainder of the film trying to stay alive and trying to get back into each others arms.


Stemming off of the last REC films, the audience knows that there is some kind of virus that’s turning people into stark raving lunetics, not unlike the crazies from 28 days.  But, for reasons I don’t know just yet, Plaza introduces a demonic element into the infection.  I was told by a friend that they alluded to that situation at the end of REC 2.  How a virus gets you demon possessed i can’t tell you.  I give them an A for originality though.

The film also turned slightly campy at times, but didn’t go all the way to out right humor.  The introduction of a chainsaw is always an Evil Dead nod.  Maybe it needed some comedy as a change of pace, because it didn’t really carry the horror aspect enough to warrant any real scream moments either.  The horror may have gotten lost in translation, not language translation, horror movie translation – the things that make scary movies scary.

One of the best moments of the film was how Plaza decided to leave the ‘Found-Footage’ style behind.  When the videographer for the wedding wanted to film the zombie attack “Because people should know what happened”.  Koldo asked him if he was F*ing crazy and broke the camera.  That’s when the film switched from found-footage to regular, live action shots.  The first two REC films were all found-footage.  The first was one of the better examples that I’ve seen of that style of filmmaking.

I’m not sure if Hollywood is going to do an American version of this one.  If they do, I hope they don’t copy it shot for shot, because it could be told in a much scarier fashion.  If you are a fan of the first two, you might as well do your homework, but for others, they might want to spend their time more wisely, like watching the original EVIL DEAD.

Geek Soul Brother gives [REC] 3: GENESIS 2.75 out of 5 COSMIC AFROS.


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