Apr 13 2016

The DOCTOR STRANGE Teaser Literally Bends Reality

Doctor Strange01

Wow! If you ever want to impress me with a trailer, this is how you do it.  I don’t know how the overall film with be, but from this we do know that DOCTOR STRANGE will be a visual mind bender.  The city on multiple dimensional surfaces reminds be of Inception.

I’m also glad this teaser gives us a feel for at least two of the main characters.  We all know Cumberbatch will kill the role of Stephen Strange as he slays all the roles he’s in.  But Tilda as The Ancient One is an interesting casting choice and one I think that will bring some originality to the performances. Well, that’s if you disregard the erasure of an East Asian character.  In cases like this, and Kingsley playing The Mandarin (he’s half South Asian but you know), I do empathize with my brothers and sisters of Asian decent that have been raising a voice on how Marvel has handled their images on screen.  And I could even side-eye how Chiwetel is playing an evil guy. But really, how many Black lead super-villains have we gotten? We fiiiinally have two Black lead superheroes on the way, and Ejiofor will do a great job as Baron Mordo. Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Wong, and Rachel McAdams round out a great cast.

I still don’t understand how the guys that wrote and directed Sinister got this gig.  But Marvel must have seen something in their pitch to hand over the story of the Sorcerer Supreme to those dudes. At least this trailer gives me more confidence.



Now what you really need to look at is the 1978 TV Movie DR. STRANGE.  Yes it was awful, but what TV movie wasn’t in that era.  Awful was good and I applauded Marvel for trying to put their characters on the small screen back in the day. You’re going to laugh and cringe at the same time, but check it.  In fact, you all might have to sit through it with me for a November #SaturdayNightSciFi before the MCU film comes out. Just be ready.



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