Apr 26 2012

Ten Saddest Goodbyes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

You know you’ve seen it.  No matter how adventurous the movie or tv show is, there comes a time for somebody to die, or leave forever, or make the ultimate sacrifice.  And admit it or not, that scene touched your little geek heart to the core.  I came up with the idea to make this list while watching FARSCAPE S3 Ep.15.  In it, John Crichton just got hit with a lethal dose of radiation.  After saving the day, he lay on his deathbed, Aeryn Sun by his side.  The parting exchange between the two fictional lovers made Geek Soul Brother a little misty.  After some thought (and a wiping of my shirt sleeve across my eyes) I wondered what other Science Fiction and Fantasy movies had scenes of friends and lovers saying goodbye.  Here is a list of my countdown of the Top Ten Saddest Goodbyes in Geekdom.  Warning – There might be spoilers ahead… and a few tears.

10. Harry Stamper and Grace in ARMAGEDDON – This space cowboy movie was all fun and games at first.  But when the detonator on the nuke malfunctioned, and earth was about to get hit by an asteroid, Harry (Bruce Willis) had to sacrifice himself the save his daughter Grace (Liv Tyler), and the billions of other people.  Saddest Goodbye – When Harry was telling Grace that he loved her and go ahead and marry that Affleck bum.  Then he blew himself up.

9. Frodo, Sam and the gang in LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING – Frodo (Elijah Wood) had the longest and most arduous journey with his friends, especially Sam (Sean Astin).  They went through hell and back, just to toss a ring into some lava.  But when he got back, Frodo decided that The Shire wasn’t for him anymore.  Saddest Goodbye – Frodo telling Sam that he was going away after all they had been through.  He got on a ship with the elves and never looked back.8. Kirk and Picard in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS – Kirk and Picard had to stop Soran from entering the Space Matrix and in the process destroy a planet (played by William ShatnerPatrick Stewart and Malcolm McDowell).  The two Captains succeed in stopping Soran, but Kirk is mortally wounded.  Saddest Goodbye – Picard comforts him, but Kirk departs to that great Star Fleet in the sky with these last words “It was Fun….. oh my.”

7.  Hogarth Hughes and Iron Giant in THE IRON GIANT – He was built as a walking weapon of destruction, but the Iron Giant (Vin Diesel voice) refused to let his friend Hogarth (Eli Marienthal) get destroyed by a nuclear missile.  Saddest Goodbye – The giant had no choice but to meet the missile head on in the sky.  It was something that Superman would have done.

6. Luke and Anakin Skywalker in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI – After everyone had told him that his father had no good left in him,  Luke (Mark Hamill) finally turned Darth Vader’s heart.  It was Anakin Skywalker (Sebastian Shaw) that saved Luke from the evil Emperor (Ian McDiarmid) who tried to kill him.  Saddest Goodbye – Luke helped Anakin remove his helmet so that he could look upon Luke with his natural eyes before he died.

5. Optimus Prime and Autobots in TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE – Optimus (Peter Cullen voice) stopped the Decepticons from taking over earth by defeating Megatron in battle, but he suffered too greatly to continue.  Prime knew his time was near and removed the matrix from his chest to pass it on to his successor.  Saddest Goodbye – the Autobots watched in silence as Optimus turned grey and his spark of life faded.

4. David and his Mother in A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – All David (Haley Joel Osment) wanted was to be a real boy.  But his mother Monica felt she couldn’t trust him around her biological son.  It was traumatic for him when his Monica left him alone in a forest.  Eons later, after David’s adventure to find his humanity got him stranded at the bottom of New York harbor, some aliens found him.  They were able to bring his mother back (by clone) for one day.  Saddest Goodbye – It was the best day for David ever, but it ended in his mother dying beside him, telling him she loved him.

3. Admiral William Adama and President Laura Roslin in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (2004) – Adama and Roslin started out on the opposite sides of the leadership fence.  But as hardship and tribulation assaulted humanity in the form of the Cylons, Bill and Laura became closer and closer.  So it hurt all the more when the Galactica finally found a new earth that Laura was dying of cancer.  Saddest Goodbye – As Bill and Laura were flying over the land to find a quite spot to settle on, Laura died.  And his tears said it all. (played by Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell).

Roslin Adama Battlestar Galactica

2. Spock and Kirk in STAR TREK II: WRATH OF KHAN – Even though Khan (Ricardo Montalban) was defeated, he knew he could take Captain Kirk with him in a suicidal activation of the Genesis device.  The Enterprise’s warp engines couldn’t work without someone sacrificing themselves in a bath of radiation to fix it.  As Kirk looked for some kind of solution, the engines came back on-line.  Everyone was celebrating except Spock, who wasn’t on the Deck.  When Kirk arrived in engineering, Spock was already dying of radiation poisoning.  Saddest Goodbye – Spock reaching for Kirk though the radiation shield, says with his dying breath “I have been and always shall be your friend.”  Personally, I thought this was the Saddest Goodbye, but after asking a few other geeks I know, it was overshadowed by number one.

1. Elliot and E.T. in  E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL – After this little alien gets left behind, Elliot befriends him and tries to hide him. All E.T. wanted to do was phone home.  This movie had two tear-jerking moments.  One was when everybody thought E.T. died, and Elliot was saying his last goodbye, telling how much he loved E.T.  The other was when E.T. left for his home planet.  E.T. didn’t leave without giving Elliot something to remember him by.

That’s my list of the SADDEST GOODBYES IN SCIFI AND FANTASY.  Don’t tell me some of these didn’t touch you back in the day.  I know you all have some that I didn’t mention.  Let me know what moments made you use the excuse that you have something in your eye. Or tell me if you agree or not with my choices.  GEEK SOUL BROTHER wants to know.


Han Solo and Princess Leia – STAR WARS: EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – I would have put this one on the list, but Solo came back too soon.  Still Chewbacca sent chills up my spine with the emotional scream.

The Lone Gunmen X-FILES TV SERIES – These guys sacrificed themselves to stop a virus.

Zoe and Wash SERENITY – One second, everything was okay.  Then Zoe’s husband, Wash, was dead.


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