Jan 02 2014

Top Ten New / Returning Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Shows – Winter 2014

Helix Promo

Happy New Year Everyone!! Got your resolutions written down?  Do I have mine written down?  Of course not! Geek Soul Brother was too busy writing down the New and Returning Science Fiction and Fantasy TV shows I’m looking forward to.  Some of the last ones I listed for your benefit.  I might catch the first few episodes, but they don’t look like they will hold my attention. On with the Lists.



1. Helix – Syfy, Fri. Jan 10th – From the guy that brought you the unforgettable re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica.  It looks very intriguing.  Like a mix of 28 Days and The Thing.

2. Space Dandy – Toonami, Sat. Jan 3rd – This is also a new production from some talented guys that gave us Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist.


3. Intelligence – CBS, Tue. Jan. 7th 9pm – The Dude from LOST (no, the scruffy one) comes back with a chip in his head that lets him connect to the global network, internet, satellites and other coded networks.


4. Black Sails – Starz, Sat. Jan 25th 9pm – Take Game Of Thrones and drop it into the 1700s Caribbian seas. Yeah, that’s pretty much worth seeing.


5. Resurrection – ABC, Sun. March 9th 9pm (After Once Upon A Time) – based on a novel called The Returned by Jason Mott (blerd alert).  It looks good, but the Sundance Channel also recently produced a series that sounds the same.  Even the same title as the novel.  Hmmmmm.

6. Bitten – Syfy, Mon. Jan 13th – Remember the space daughter from the new V? Well, she’s been ‘Bitten’ by a werewolf and now she has her own show with a cast of other wolves and what nots.  I think this is a direct ‘in-your-face’ move to MTV’s Teen Wolf, being that they are on the same day and time.

7. The Strain – FX, July – Still waiting on some word as to what date this Guillermo del Toro series is suppose to air.

8. The 100 – CW, Wed. Mar. 19th 9pm – I think this is CW’s attempt to catch some of that ‘fire’ from the Hunger Games.  It might have been initially conceived as a Battle Royal type show.  But now it looks like it will be a teen survivalist romance drama. Well, they know their audience.

9. Star Crossed – CW, Mon. Feb 17th 8pm – Many of you will probably remember the show Roswell back in the day.  This looks about the same, but the aliens have to deal with High School angst instead of government test labs.

10. Opposite Worlds – Syfy, Tue. Jan 21st. 10pm – Now this is the least interesting of the new Sci-fi-ish stuff.

GSB_TV 2012-2013_Arrow


1. Arrow – Wed. Jan 15th 8pm – Every comic superhero show should be this good.

2. Orphan Black – Sat. Apr 19th 9pm – Absolutely favorite new show of last year. Can’t wait.

3. American Horror Story: Coven – Wed. Jan 8th 10pm – Only 4 more episodes left in this season.

4. Once Upon a Time – Sun. Mar. 9th 8pm – I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m still watching this, but it’s good.

5. Grimm – Fri. Jan 3rd 9pm – Followed by Dracula at 10pm – The first half of season two was a setup for some crazy stuff.

6. Walking Dead – Sun. Feb 9th 9pm – I liked the first half, but they have to step it up some how.  Or I might be a walking fan.

7. Agents of Shield – Tue. Jan 7th 8pm – As our honorary Nerdy Venom reminds me of my saying… “’til the wheels fall off!”  I just want to see where this train-wreck goes.

8. Sleepy Hollow – Mon. Jan. 13th 9pm – Great show and a great cast.

9. The Neighbors – Fri. Jan 10th 8:30pm – Not enough people are watching this zany suburban alien comedy.

10. Almost Human – Mon. Jan. 6th 8pm – It’s a great cop-buddy show.  They just have to get deeper with the over all plots as Scifigasm was tweeting me one day.

And here are some honorable mentions.

Being Human – Mon. Jan 13th 9pm – I’m kind of here and there on this one.  I like it, but there’s so much on right now.  It might get pushed to the ‘Watch next day’ slot.


Teen Wolf – Good show but missed Fall season.

Vampire Diaries – Never really got into it.

The Originals – Haven’t seen any.

Supernatural – Still have to watch from the beginning.

Face/Off – Didn’t get into last season.

Lost Girl – Definitely a guilty pleasure, but I have to catch up to a few episodes.

The Tomorrow People – Smh. I’ll leave it for the younger audiences.

Atlantis – Starts back up Jan. 4th. I’ve only watched episode 1. Not bad.

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  1. Milaxx (@MilaXX)

    The Returned was a series produced by Sundance. Sundance aired a french production based on the book The Returned. It’s pretty good if you don’t mind reading subtitles. I still have the last 2 eps on my DVR to finish.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I thought so. I didn’t get a chance to watch it. When I ask them on twitter about the series they said it was based on a french film, but I knew better. lol

  2. Milaxx (@MilaXX)

    oops that should read wasn’t produced by Sundance.

  3. Maurice Mitchell

    Arrow will continue to be great and there are some really interesting web series coming soon. I think 2014 will be a great year for television.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      TV is looking great this year! I’ve been recommending that people watch TV more than go to the movies. lol

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