Oct 04 2011


It’s easy to be a hero when your born with an instinct to do the right thing.  But what if you’re made?  What combination of gears and circuits and diodes allow you to do the right thing when duty calls?  Well, whatever it is, the following Robots have it.  This is my list of Ten Heroic Robots that defied their programing and came to the aid of a human in trouble, sometimes the entire human race.  They are the brave ones, some even refusing to submit to the protocols of war and destruction hardwired into their chipsets.  Robot Heroes… We Salute You!

T-800 – TERMINATOR 2 – The first one was an evil, unstoppable machine.  But this Schwarzenegger revamp got sent back in time to protect the very guy that would take down his boss – Skynet.  Any killer robot turned good guy that can give you a thumbs up while melting in molten metal deserves the number 1 spot.

R2-D2 – STAR WARS – The world fell in love with this little guy.  But unlike other robots that were included in a story for ‘cuteness’ R2-D2 packed a punch.  Brainy and full of more gadgets then mission impossible and I Spy put together, R2 saved the day many times and over generations.

THE ROBOT B-9 – LOST IN SPACE –  not that remote control thing in the remake.  I’m talking about the sentient robot that always had a cynical remark for Dr. Smith.  B-9 was always looking out for his buddy Will Robinson.

SONNY – IROBOT – Because of his second Positronic Brain, Sonny was able to ‘feel’ what was the right thing to do.   He helped Will Smith’s character survive the takeover of a motherly AI with some ‘hard love’ issues.  Sure he killed his maker, but things worked out in the end.

OPTIMUS PRIME – TRANSFORMERS – It’s almost hard to call Optimus a robot.  But that’s what he was.  And this leader of the Autobots saved the day over and over again against Megatron and his evil Decepticons.

IRON GIANT – An ultimate weapon robot turns out the be one heck of a friend.  Geek Soul Brother teared up a little when he did the ‘Superman’ thing.  That’s right, I’m a man and I can admit it.

K-9 – DOCTOR WHO SERIES – Can anybody not love a mechanical dog that shoots a laser out of his nose?  K-9 was a Time Lord’s best friend.

WALL-E – The little robot that could, Wall-E was the hero of the day when he saved the remnants of humanity from a life of luxury, pampering and comfort…?  Still he got a cool updated girlfriend out the deal, so it’s all good!

NUMBER 5 – SHORT CIRCUIT – Precursor to WALL-E’s design, and a total rip-off of E.T., Number 5 decided to ditch his Military programming for a life in the burbs and play match-maker to his friends.

CLOCKWORK FROM SMURFS – Without this Smurf that was built out of nuts, bolts and wood, Prince Gerard wouldn’t have made it through the night alive.  Clockwork Smurf was a big hero in a little package.

I’ve only listed Ten Heroic Robots.  But of course there are a lot more.  I would say that some of these are the greatest mechanical heroes ever.  But let me know if you think any others should be on the list.  Up next – TEN EVIL ROBOTS!  Wonder who they will be?

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