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Dec 11 2012

Trailer Jive: AFTER EARTH

Will Smith has done his share of Science Fiction.  And it’s always nice to see a brother of color in space.  A black guy isn’t always the first image that comes to mind when you say Astronaut. (except for you Star Trek thinking types).  I’ve enjoyed Smith doing his thing in iRobot and the Men …

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May 23 2012

Will WILL Win the Weekend? MEN IN BLACK 3 vs. AVENGERS

I certainly think Will will win.  MEN IN BLACK 3 shouldn’t have a problem pulling in the lion’s share of audiences this weekend.  Truthfully, I don’t believe Will Smith has lost any of his fan base.  And the plot of “Agent J going back in time to save K from being assassinated in the past” is …

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Jun 10 2011

Black Soul Brothers of Sci-Fi

Here you go my Geek Brothers and Sisters.  This is my LONG list of Black Soul Brothers that starred (or co-starred) in a Science Fiction movie or TV show.  I know some of you are saying ‘Isn’t Black Soul Brother redundent?’  Here’s the deal.  ‘Soul brother’ is a term for guys that have a shared …

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