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Dec 21 2013


Thanks to Graveyard Shift Sisters and Black Girl Nerds for hosting a #FridayNightHorror Live Tweet of The Serpent and the Rainbow, or else I probably wouldn’t have revisited this under-rated Wes Craven classic for who knows how long. Bill Pullman plays Dennis Alan, who hears about a ritual in Haiti that turns people into Zombies.  It’s …

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Oct 11 2013

Scream-A-Day No.11 – Nightmare on Elm Street

If you haven’t seen NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. I want you to go to the chalkboard and write “I will be a better Horror Fan” 1000 times.  Because any person that sees themselves as a horror fan, and hasn’t seen this Scream-A-Day hall of fame flick, is just not doing it right. Summery – After …

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Oct 10 2012


Eddie Murphy with Fangs and an accent does not a BLACKULA make, but this horror-comedy did show us that vampires can pop up anywhere, even in Brooklyn.  Today’s Scream-A-Day is VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN. Eddie Murphy plays the debonair Maximillion, a vampire trying to find his destined love.  Angela Bassett as Rita is the woman he’s …

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Oct 12 2011

Scream-A-Day features JOHN CARPENTER: Horror's Master Copy

If you don’t know who JOHN CARPENTER is, then take a look at the credits of some of the greatest horror films in the last 30+ years.  He has directed more horror movie features then almost any other director, save possibly Wes Craven. Much of John Carpenter’s success comes from the movies that he wrote and …

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