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Sep 03 2013

Funky Q Review: UPSIDE DOWN (2012)

Here is another Review from my Funky Queue.  This is a fantasy/Sci-fi film that I’ve been waiting to see since last year.  A Romeo and Juliette story set between two adjacent worlds with their own unique gravity.  Everything from the upper world falls up, and everything from the lower world falls down.  This includes people. …

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Jan 26 2013

Trailer Jive: UPSIDE DOWN (2012)

Even if the irony hits you in the head with no remorse, as this film obviously does, I still love the premise.  In fact, after the first 5 seconds of the trailer, I thought it was a seriously cool concept.  UPSIDE DOWN seems to mix the elements of fantasy, romance, and the Sci-Fi idea of …

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