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Mar 12 2016

It’s A Year Of Versus! The Ring vs. The Grudge


This is the year of the Versus! We have Batman v Superman, Avengers vs Avengers, Mutants vs Mutants, and Villains vs Villains.  So why should we not have a versus that dives head first into the Japanese supernatural horror genre like, I don’t know, The Ring vs The Grudge? Enter SADAKO VS KAYAKO.  That’s right, …

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Oct 19 2011

Scream-A-Day No. 19 – THE RING

Geek Soul Brother loves home movies.  Especially the ones that remind you of your little cousin, playing back at the old farm.  Just don’t go near the well sweetie!  Yeah, that’s the cousin who calls you and tells you she’s gonna come visit in a week.  That’s the type of family you just DIE to …

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