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Nov 30 2015

El Camino Film Review: My CREED Experience

Creed 01

  By: Eric “El Camino” Rivera Let me start off by saying that I’ve been chomping at the bit for the movie, “CREED” to come to theaters from the time I watched the first teaser trailer back in July. Being from Philadelphia, the entire “Rocky” franchise runs threw my veins like blood, even the not …

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Oct 04 2012

The GSB Flashback: DEATH RACE 2000 (1975)

  Before Rocky.  Before Rambo.  Before The Expendables, Stallone was ‘Machine Gun Joe’ in the race of the next century that could be your last…. DEATH RACE 2000.  But Sly Stallone wasn’t the headliner of this scifi cross-country race.  David Carradine was the star of this film as Frankenstein, the scarred Death Race champion that everybody wanted to …

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Aug 17 2012


Did Stallone just shoot Christian Slater in the face with a shotgun?  That’s one reason you should check out this trailer.  Jimmy Bobo is trying to put down his assassin’s gun, but his partner gets cut down, pretty literally.  What can a hitman do except go on a killing spree.  Sylvester Stallone is joined by Sung …

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Nov 20 2011


Just spotted this on a film blog – filmophilia.com, which they evidently got by way of Joblo.com.  Do you recognize 2 of the new faces in the poster?   Geek Soul Brother is looking forward to this.