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Sep 26 2016

Event Recap: The 2016 National Book Festival

My Gene Luen Yang Bookmark/Action Figure!

The 16th Annual Library of Congress National Book Festival — Celebrating the Journey of Reading On September 24th an estimated 200,000 people journeyed to Washington, DC, for the National Book Festival. This free festival hosted by the Library of Congress featured over 120 authors. Somewhere, my friends, Ray Bradbury is smiling. 2016 National Book Festival highlights included: …

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Oct 18 2013

Scream-A-Day No.18 – CARRIE (2013)

This 18th Scream-A-Day just premiered this weekend.  I had a chance to see it today and truthfully the 2013 remake wasn’t a bad film.  For what’s essentially a teen horror, CARRIE is better than most others. Moretz  as the Telekenetic introvert, and Moore as the religious zealot of a mother, delivered very good performances.  But …

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Oct 16 2012

Trailer Jive: CARRIE (2013)

It’s a little odd that the poster designers chose those words – “You Will Know Her Name”.  I’m just sayin’, who doesn’t know the name CARRIE?  Just mentioning it in a conversation about movies brings up images of Sissy Spacek in a bloody prom dress.  But it was smart of them to focus on the ‘new’ …

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Oct 21 2011

Scream-A-Day No. 20 – CREEPSHOW

Today’s Scream-A-Day was a movie that was the concoction of a terrific horror duo – Stephen King and George A. Romero.  I give you – CREEPSHOW. This movie was actually a collection of Horror shorts that gave homage to EC Comic’s horror tales.  The creators of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and CARRIE  definitely caught the …

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Oct 13 2011

Scream-A-Day No. 13 – CHRISTINE

What happens when you take a novel written by a Master of Horror, and put it in the hands of a Master of Horror Film Maker? Well, I think one of the answers is a movie about an Evil Car that has the sick ability of possessing its owner.  Our Scream-A-Day feature is the haunting …

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