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Jun 22 2016

Interview With JOSEPH MALLOZZI – Showrunner of Syfy’s DARK MATTER

Joseph Mallozzi Dubious

In this episode we talk to Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creators and Showrunner of the hit Syfy TV series Dark Matter, and writer / Exec. Producer of Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Stargate Universe.  We talked about his work on season 1 of Dark Matter and how he came up with the story, characters, and his process. …

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Oct 21 2011

10 Science Fiction / Fantasy Shows that SHOULDN’T have been CANCELED!

We’ve all been there.  We sit down in front of the television.  We turn the channel to our favorite show.  We wait, and then say to ourselves in nervous bewilderment …. “what the heck is this?  Where is my show?”  We anxiously check the guide, only to discover that some other TV show has been …

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May 11 2011

Fare thee well Stargate Universe ..fare thee well.

Ahhh Well. I said my goodbyes as I watched the last episode of Stargate Universe ended Monday night. Not with a crash but a moving melody did the final scene of the series close. You know, this show started slow. Not very slow, just slow. Probably slow enough that it deserved it’s poor ratings at …

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