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Mar 22 2012

GSB Trailer Jive: BADASS

Danny Trejo is at it again!  Who would have thought that this brother would have hit his acting stride in his Sixties?  More power to ya Mr. Trejo.  The title of his new movie coming out in April pretty much sums it up:  BADASS Senior Citizen dishing out some serious punishment, with hip pouch and all. …

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Sep 25 2011

GSB Reviews: DRIVE

This was an awkward action car movie.  Awkward because i can’t quite call it a ‘Action Car’ movie.  But I liked it.  I think it was the tension and the acting that got me.  It had a smoldering emotional undercurrent  that periodically exploded into moments of violence and revenge.  But yeah, lots of smoldering. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBiOF3y1W0Y] …

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Aug 21 2011


First of all, let me get this out of the way… CONNNNAAAAN!  Okay, now that I got that out, I went to see the movie CONAN THE BARBARIAN and it wasn’t bad.  I’ve been a fan of the character for a long time. Though I do have to catch up to the Robert E. Howard books, …

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