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Jun 16 2015

Netflix’s Sense8 Doesn’t Quite Hit The Bull’s Eye.


Sense8 is a story about 8 people that slowly become aware that they are connected to each other psychically and empathically.  Though they could only read some of each other’s thoughts, they could more easily feel what the others were feeling.  The ‘Senseate’ were also guided through the birth of this connection by Heroes star …

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May 01 2012

Netflix, Eli Roth, and Breathing Life into an Apocalypse

Netfiix is breaking out the Defibrillator Pads again.  The paid streaming and DVD rental company is in talks with CBS about the possibility of bring back the dystopian drama series JERICHO, as reported by TV Guide. The show, that ran for a season in 2006, was cancelled, and brought back again in 2008, was about a group …

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