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Jan 21 2014

Afro Commentary: My Niece Deserves Better (Female Characters)

I have a dilemma. As an uncle to a 5 year-old girl who will not only break a lot of hearts when she gets older, but is intelligent, creative and fiercely independent, I find it will be difficult to introduce her to geek things as easily as it was with her older brother. There are …

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Sep 20 2013

A Day of Futures Past: An Interview with Chris Claremont

In geek culture, we tend to regard the people responsible for the media we consume on a higher level than the rest of us. Yet, we all forget that these individuals are not Gods, real people with actual lives and emotions. My interview with the writer Chris Claremont reminded me of this fact. As the …

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Jun 05 2011


Let me tell you something my friends, the marketing didn’t do this movie justice.  I figured I would go see X-Men: First Class because I thought it was my geek duty, but I really didn’t have a burning desire.  I only got excited when I saw scenes of Banshee in the trailer and was like …

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May 26 2011

GSB Movie Review: PRIEST

So I went to see Priest last night.  It’s a movie based on a comic by artist-writer Min-Woo Hyung. Now Geek Soul Brother has to fess up, he never read the comic.  My curiosity is certainly peaked a little though.  Not because the movie was good.  On the contrary, I would like to know if …

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May 13 2011

GSB Reviews THOR the movie

I finally got to see THOR yesterday.  Not disappointing at all.  It had the action, the acting, the family betrayal, the mythology.  Everything I basically wanted to see from the comic. Now I think most people know the very basic info about Thor.  “It’s that guy with the hammer right?”  Yes sir, it’s that guy …

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