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Mar 13 2012

Ten Scary TV Show Openings

Let’s take the Geek Soul Brother time machine back to when you were a kid.  You get your snacks.  You turn off the lights so that only the glare of the TV fills the room.  You turn to the right channel and there you see it, that scary show that you watch every week.  Maybe …

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Feb 25 2012

Flashback Friday: THE NIGHT STALKER

It was reported the other day by deadline.com that Disney was considering doing a movie remake of the 1972 series – KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER.  Edger Wright, director of Shaun Of the Dead, was hired to direct and oversee the project, and Johnny Depp might play the ‘too curious for his own good’ reporter Kolchak.  Personally, …

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Oct 23 2011


Alright then!  The Scream-A-Days for October have been fun so far, at least for Geek Soul Brother.  I love to put people onto things that they might have missed in their search for Sci-fi and horror and such.  With that thought, I’m taking you, not to the movies, but to the TV.  The boobtube. Or …

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