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Jan 19 2013

Trailer Jive: S-VHS

Geek Soul Brother slept on the prequel last year, but I will be looking forward to the second installment of this found-footage series – S-V/H/S. There are five directors – Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sånchez and Adam Wingard –   so I’m thinking that there are five horror shorts like the first …

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Dec 09 2012

The Funky Q Review: [REC]3 GENESIS

THE FUNKY Q REVIEW is where I review movies that slipped under my radar in the past, and I take the chance to see them later (either through Netflix or other service).  Usually they were released within the past few years and don’t fall into the ‘Flashback’ category. Director: Paco Plaza Writers: Paco Plaza, David Gallart Stars: Leticia Dolera, Diego …

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Jul 14 2012

Trailer Jive: [REC]3

Paco Plaza is back.  The writer director from Spain that gave you the found footage favorites – [REC] and [REC]2, is giving you some bloody marital bliss in this new trailer of [REC]3: GENESIS. According to dreadcentral.com, this story takes place after the first two films.  The virus gets out and infects a nearby wedding group. …

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May 19 2012

Trailer Jive: LOVELY MOLLY (2011)

The original writer / director of The Blair Witch Project is back with a scary tale about a young woman that sees things nobody else is seeing.  But that doesn’t mean she’s wrong.  From IMDB: Newlywed Molly moves into her deceased father’s house in the countryside, where painful memories soon begin to haunt her. LOVELY MOLLY …

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May 07 2012


I caught this trailer a while ago, but I figured I should post it up since it comes out this month. Basically, the story is about a group of young tourists that take a guided tour through the abandoned city of Chernobyl. which suffered a nuclear accident 25 years ago.  I guess kids aren’t afraid …

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