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Sep 21 2017

Like a DC Superhero Girl


A year ago I wrote an article called Like a Super Girl. It focused on the plight of being a nerd dad who wants to share his nerd for superheroes with his three daughters and the lack of Marvel female superheroes in merchandising. Fast forward to today and how my daughters and I just watched …

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Mar 21 2015

Funky Q Review – THE SCRIBBLER (2014)


  It looks like while Katie Cassidy was doing her thing on TV’s hit superhero show ARROW, she took a break to do a sort of Sci-fi, sort of superheroine film – THE SCRIBBLER. Cassidy plays Suki, a patient that has Dissociative¬†Identity Disorder; what we usually know as Multiple Personalities. Unfortunately she is also being …

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Jul 13 2012

Flashback Friday: WONDER WOMAN TV SERIES (1975 – 1979)

Since I featured the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN TV SERIES (1977) last week, and being that we have two Superhero films coming out this month, I decided to dedicate Flashback Friday this month to Superhero TV shows. ¬†And today we celebrate one of the greatest of them all – WONDER WOMAN. Diana is the pretty and pretty …

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