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Jul 26 2016

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Trailer 2

The first trailer was good. Then I watched it in 3-D and all the special effects popped out; I knew I had to see this in IMAX. Then the second trailer came out for SDCC and it just reinforced my 3-D plans for the film.  This looks like a supernatural INCEPTION movie on drugs. Mikkelsen is …

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Apr 13 2016

The DOCTOR STRANGE Teaser Literally Bends Reality

Doctor Strange01

Wow! If you ever want to impress me with a trailer, this is how you do it.  I don’t know how the overall film with be, but from this we do know that DOCTOR STRANGE will be a visual mind bender.  The city on multiple dimensional surfaces reminds be of Inception. I’m also glad this …

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Feb 03 2013


HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS was not on the list of Must See movies this weekend for the Geek Soul Brother crew.  So I thought I would ask the group a question that’s been rolling around in my cosmic afro for some time.  WHAT LEVEL OF GEEK ARE YOU?  In other words, between 1 and …

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