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Nov 08 2015

Film Review – SPECTRE: The Spy Who Dragged Me


  We Whovians have a saying, “You never forget your first Doctor” (Tom Baker,always and forever). As it is with 007, a similarly long-lived British franchise, you never forget your first Bond (Hello, Dalton!). However, the Bond we see in SPECTRE isn’t very memorable. And it’s quite the parlor trick: You forget this Bond because …

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Nov 30 2012

New and Cool Trailer for DJANGO UNCHAINED!

You know about Quentin Tarantino’s new movie DJANGO UNCHAINED, right?  You know that Jamie Foxx is playing the slave turned bounty hunter that’s trying to get his wife back, right?  You know that Christoph Waltz is playing his killer-mentor Dr. King Schultz, right?  Well, if you don’t know any of this, don’t worry, here’s the third trailer …

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Jun 13 2012

DJANGO UNCHAINED – International Trailer

Sony released another trailer of DJANGO UNCHAINED today.  It shows a little more of what Christoph Waltz‘s character – Dr. King Schultz – is all about.  The cuts are longer than the first trailer that came out the other day, so they tell a little more story. Quentin Tarantino writes and directs a film about DJango, an ex-slave that helps …

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Jun 07 2012


You have been waiting for it.  Your ultra-violence loving little hearts have been a pitter-patter ever since you first heard about it.  Well, now the trailer is out and you get to see your first glimse of Tarantino’s new film DJANGO UNCHAINED.  Starring Jamie Foxx as Django, the slave turned ex-slave bounty hunter that’s on a …

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