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Oct 18 2013

Scream-A-Day No.18 – CARRIE (2013)

This 18th Scream-A-Day just premiered this weekend.  I had a chance to see it today and truthfully the 2013 remake wasn’t a bad film.  For what’s essentially a teen horror, CARRIE is better than most others. Moretz  as the Telekenetic introvert, and Moore as the religious zealot of a mother, delivered very good performances.  But …

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Aug 21 2013

GSB Film Review: KICK-ASS 2

Fun, Violent and Fun again.  If you like the first KICK-ASS, you should like KICK-ASS 2 also. But I have to say that Nicolas Cage added something to the original. His oddball parenting was missed.  But looking at the film as a sequel, it did a good job showing the evolution of what went on …

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Mar 14 2013

Trailer Jive: KICK-ASS 2

Well, it’s finally here!  And I probably shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s wrapped in a RED BAND.  In trailer lingo, that means there’s either adult language or nudity.  No nudity in here, but just a sprinkling of colorful language.  How could there not be when the super-villian is named Mother…. well, you know? …

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Oct 16 2012

Trailer Jive: CARRIE (2013)

It’s a little odd that the poster designers chose those words – “You Will Know Her Name”.  I’m just sayin’, who doesn’t know the name CARRIE?  Just mentioning it in a conversation about movies brings up images of Sissy Spacek in a bloody prom dress.  But it was smart of them to focus on the ‘new’ …

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Oct 11 2011

Scream-A-Day No. 11 – LET THE RIGHT ONE IN

“Wait a minute Honey, somebody is at the door!  Oh, it’s just the little pale girl from down the street, she says she’s hungry, we should invite her in and …. AAAAHHHHHGGG!!” Geek Soul Bother says: Be careful who you ‘let in’ to your house.  Anyway, today I wanted to take you to another country …

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