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Aug 23 2013

GSB Flashback: STARCRASH (1979)

The best thing by far about this film was the John Barry score.  But if you’re a Bond film fan, you’ll be waiting for Moonracker to sail across the screen.  I didn’t remember seeing this before. I don’t remember seeing this at all before, so it was a flashback treat for me. Roger Corman gave …

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Jan 13 2013

Sunday Sci-Fi – AT THE EARTH'S CORE 1976

  If you had a kind of giant drilling tank, and you drilled straight down towards the center of the earth, what do you think you would find?  Dinosaurs?  Killer plants?  Telepathic birds? Girls of your dreams?  Well, Edgar Rice Burroughs figured, why not?  Who’s to say different?  And the producers of the film at MGM and …

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