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Jun 27 2015

GSB Film Review: DOPE (2015)


  DOPE‬ is a film that Black Nerds have been waiting for since… ever! The idea of Urkel representing the complexity of being a nerd and black is a true misrepresentation of the brothers and sisters of geekdom. Especially if you add the element of being in a rough neighborhood.   The story launches into that …

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Oct 30 2011

GSB Trailer Jive: DANCE-FU

And here you thought October was about Falling leaves, Halloween and Pumpkin Pies.  Scratch that last one… Sweet Potato Pies Baby!  Little did you know it would also be about Black Comedy, Kung-Fu and Dancing.  And what better way to enjoy all of these, than to have Kel Mitchell,  Cedric the Entertainer and Tommy Davidson merge them together in …

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