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Jun 11 2012

Legend Of Korra – Who or What Is Amon?

“What Are You?” That’s the question Tarlok asked Amon. SPOILERS BABY!… SPOILERS “WHEN EXTREMES MEET” Let’s rewind a little, and go back to the last two episodes of Korra. In light of Amon’s terrorist assault on the Bending Stadium, Tarlok replaces the retired BeiFong with his own lackie. He calls for a curfew for all non-bending …

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Apr 08 2012


  My son told me a while ago that a new AVATAR show was coming out on Nickelodeon – AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA.  This revisit to the world of the wildly popular AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER puts us 70 years later, in the middle of the industrial age, where towns and villages are now cities.  KORRA …

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