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Nov 15 2017

Dragon Con Tales (part 2)

Part 2 of my trip to Dragon Con photo diary focuses on the parade. The Dragon Con parade is something that you just have to experience. As I said in part one, I was suffering from sensory overload during my Dragon Con weekend. There was so much to see. So downtown Atlanta shuts down several …

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Jan 21 2014

Afro Commentary: My Niece Deserves Better (Female Characters)

I have a dilemma. As an uncle to a 5 year-old girl who will not only break a lot of hearts when she gets older, but is intelligent, creative and fiercely independent, I find it will be difficult to introduce her to geek things as easily as it was with her older brother. There are …

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Mar 22 2013

Afro Commentary: Geeks Don’t Let Friends Name Their Kids Ridiculous Things

We’re friends, right? The Private has never steered you wrong on things before, right? Of course I haven’t. Good! Now that we have that settled, I have something important we need to discuss; especially if you plan to have children with your geek soul mate. I recently read an article on Kotaku regarding a Japanese …

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Jan 13 2013

Review of Sword Art Online: BAMF Sword of +10 Intelligence, +7 Heart

During the January 3rd podcast of GEEK SOUL BROTHER LIVE!, Shumara mentioned that she wanted to get back into anime and manga in 2013. I took that as a personal goal as well, since it has been a while since I watched a decent anime series. The first one I chose to watch for the New …

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