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Oct 22 2013

Scream-A-Day No.22 – DEEP STAR SIX (1989)

      In 1979 and 1982 we were introduced to two pivotal monsters in horror – ALIEN and THE THING.  One was a creature that would hide in the dark and the other would mutate to whatever monster it needed to be. In 1989, we had two monsters that were pretty much rip-offs of …

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Oct 15 2013

Scream-A-Day No.14 – MOTEL HELL (1980)

It’s always scary when a horror movie features a brother and sister act.  And a great classic sibling pair comes from this Scream-A-Day with plenty of vacancy – MOTEL HELL! Vincent runs a road side stand where he sells vegetables and fritters.  Everybody loves the fritters because they’re so tasty.  Him and his sister prepare …

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Oct 14 2013

Test Your 1980s Horror Movie Queue!

We are well into October, and all of you horror fans are proudly bragging on how many horror films you’ve seen.  I’m especially talking to you 80s kids that stayed up past your bedtime watching scary films on cable, or sneaking into some R rated horror film with your teen crowd.  Well, let us see …

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Oct 07 2013

Scream-A-Day No.7 – NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984)

Regina and Samantha are two girls that just want to have fun, meet boys and not have to work dead end job!  But after a freak meteor shower lights up the sky, they just want to try and live!  Luckily, through accidental circumstances, they didn’t experience the NIGHT OF THE COMET! This quirky horror mixes …

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Oct 27 2012

Scream-A-Day No.25 – THE FOG (1980)

  What can you say about director John Carpenter except that he must have had tons of crazy ideas in his head back in the 80s.  As with most filmmakers, Carpenter loved all kinds of storytelling growing up.  Obviously, horror, fantasy and sci-fi attracted him the most.  After the success of HALLOWEEN, Carpenter delved deeper …

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Oct 17 2012

Scream-A-Day No.16 – LIFEFORCE (1985)

If your vampires come from space, don’t expect them to just suck your blood or anything so crude as that.  Don’t expect capes and fangs and bat wings.  Just look for beautiful people walking around nude that look you straight into your eyes and suck out your LIFEFORCE.  That’s the name of today’s Scream-A-Day, the …

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Oct 03 2012

Scream-A-Day No.3 – RE-ANIMATOR (1985)

What do you call a guy that can re-animate the dead?  Why, The RE-ANIMATOR of course.  And that’s exactly what we will call Herbert West in this Scream-A-Day No.3. Jeffrey Combs plays the very odd, but very smart Herbert West, a scientist that’s working on a formula that can revive the brain in dead people.  But …

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Oct 02 2012

Scream-A-Day No.2 – HOUSE (1986)

  Roger Cobb is a horror writer that’s struggling for a big audience.  He also wants to write about his experiences in Vietnam, against his publisher’s advice.  It’s not the worst situation, but Roger’s life goes into a horrific topsy-turvy when he moves into his late Aunt’s house.  The same house that she committed suicide …

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Oct 01 2012

Scream-A-Day No.1 – NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986)

Slithery Space Slugs that shoot into your mouth, eat your brain, turn you into a zombie, and incubate in your head until it explodes with dozens more.  The 80s were fun times when it came to horror movies and the 1986 NIGHT OF THE CREEPS is the first film that Geek Soul Brother is featuring …

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