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Oct 23 2013

Scream-A-Day No.23 – IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE (1958)

A rescue spaceship is sent to Mars to save the sole survivor of a prior exploration mission.  But there’s also an uninvited guest.  And IT is looking forward to the on-flight snacks – people.  Today’s Scream-A-Day is a classic that not everybody knows about, but I suggest watching – IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE. …

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Oct 14 2013

Scream-A-Day No.13 – The Brain from Planet Arous (1957)

I’m all about the horror with monsters and crazed people running about, killing teenagers.  But for a Scream-A-Day on a Sunday evening, I like to go old school with something that kids can get a kick and a scare out of.  So in light of that, I give you THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS.  Monsters …

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Oct 22 2012


After all the famous creatures of the 30s and 40s to make it to the big screen, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON was probably a refreshing bit of horror for audiences back in the day.  The 50s was filled with space monsters and flying saucers, but Harry Essex and Arthur A. Ross wrote a screenplay that brought horror back …

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Oct 10 2012

Scream-A-Day No.9 – HOUSE OF WAX (1953)

  Some of you brothers and sisters have been in those wax museums, right?  The was figures look so real, but you know they aren’t, because that would be sick. Who would use a real person and encase them in wax just to show them in a museum?  Vincent Price would! Vincent Price was always good …

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