Aug 25 2013


conquest planet of apes

SUNDAY SCI-FI are my suggestions for an afternoon movie that the family can get together and enjoy. CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is the Forth film in the original planet of the apes series.

Caesar is the descendant of two evolved Chimpanzee parents that escaped back in time from a doomed future. Because of the events in ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES, he has to stay in hiding with his surrogate human father Armando, who runs a traveling circus.  As Caesar grew from baby to adult, the earth was hit with a virus that killed many of the dogs and cats.  Apes were domesticated as pets and then servants/slaves in those years. Caesar has to lay low in this society, especially with the same people from the previous film looking for him, who afraid of the impending Ape ruled future still looking for him.

Great acting by was again performed by Roddy McDowall as he did in the previous films.  Ricardo Montalban and Natalie Trundy were also my favorites. The actors that played the Apes that couldn’t talk definitely had to act through their eyes and past the masks and make-up.

You can watch this film without seeing the previous ones.  In fact, it could almost play as the beginning film because it sets up back story for PLANET OF THE APES.  There is a lot of gun fire violence in this one (PG), so mind the little kids.

image source: impawards.com

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  1. mauricem1972

    Great suggestion GSB. This is one of those sequels that stands on it’s own while fitting in with the series.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Thanks M. This film had an impact on me as a kid I think. Because it didn’t end neatly lol.

  2. Robert Monroe, Jr.

    When the last film of TPOTA series was released a theater in NJ played the entire series as a marathon event. All of the movies were played in chronological order wrapping up with the newly released TPOTA movie. My mother dropped my brothers and I off at the theater with lunches and some money for the concession stand and left us there all day. It was great…but, I was fine with not seeing any more TPOTA movies for a while afterwards.

    When I sat through the TPOTA movie marathon I was old enough to understand that CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES was really about the radicalization of the civil rights movement. That’s when I began to realize that science fiction could be used to discuss contemporary issues in a futuristic or alien setting.

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