Sep 06 2016

Star Trek Reflections: Tim Russ

Actor Tim Russ

Actor Tim Russ

This July, I had the opportunity to attend StarQuest Con, a Star Trek convention just an hour outside Washington, DC. It was at StarQuest that I had a chance to meet actor, director, and musician Tim Russ!
While Tim is known is for portraying the Vulcan Starfleet officer Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, Tim has made many appearances throughout the Star Trek multiverse including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the feature film Star Trek Generations.
Tim was even a co-writer for a Deep Space Nine comic and has provided voice work for Star Trek video games. Furthermore, Tim helmed the very successfully crowdfunded Renegades as director and reprised his role as Tuvok–boldly connecting the fandom and the franchise in a deeper way.
As the world commemorates 50 years of Star Trek, following up with Mr. Russ to share his reflections on Trek was highly logical!

Lakita: Star Trek celebrates it’s 50th anniversary as a sci-fi franchise. Why do you think Star Trek resonates with audiences after all these years?

Tim: It’s because Trek portrays a more idilic world of the future, where people are judged by their actions and character, not by how much money they have or what they look like, or live like. Many people are drawn to that. And the very powerful, and insightful stories are based on issues of the present day, played out with Alien and human characters. As in most Sci-fi, concepts can be told from different perspectives, challenging the human condition.


Russ as "Tuvok" on Star Trek: Voyager

Russ as “Tuvok” on Star Trek: Voyager

Lakita: As a proud blerd, “Tuvok” has a very special place in my heart! What are some of your fondest memories of the fan response to your character?

Tim: I sometimes get feedback from fans who have undergone tremendous hardships in their lives, and they tell me that watching Voyager helped them get through those difficult times.


Lakita: Tim, thanks for riffing on Star Trek with GeekSoulBrother. Speaking of riffing, you are a musician. Tell us about your musical life and where can we hear your tunes?

Tim: I have been a musician for over 40 years. I play electric guitar and bass, and sing lead vocals. I’ve got my own band at present, “T.R. Crew” and I perform regularly here in Los Angeles. I have written a number of original songs, but mostly I adopt and arrange obscure tunes I come across now and then, and cover them. My music is all on CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com) and on iTunes.

Many thanks to Tim Russ for taking time to share his Star Trek reflections. Keep up with Tim on his website http://www.timrusswebpage.com/ and check out his work past, present and future on his IMDb page or follow him on Twitter @timruss2.

Live Long and Prosper!

Lakita aka “The Shadow Scout”

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