Oct 10 2013

Scream-A-Day No.10 – SON OF INGAGI (1940)

Son of Ingagi


A doctor hides a missing link named N-Gina in her house that she found in her work in Africa.  She also has a heart to help a young newlywed couple.  Today’s Scream-A-Day is actually a piece of African-American horror cinema history – SON OF INGAGI.  It’s considered the first Horror film written and directed by black creators.

I found out about this film earlier this year.  I wish more horror films with a black cast were created back in the day.  I found it very interesting that in the world of Hollywood horror, where you NEVER saw a female scientist, Laura Bowman plays Dr. Helen Jackson, a black woman who is a scientist and explorer. The couple are played by Alfred Grant and Daisy Bufford.  The film was written by Spencer Williams and directed by Richard Khan.  The dvd is out, but you can also stream it on youtube for your historical horror pleasure.  Couldn’t find a trailer, but this youtuber posted a short clip…


image source: vhsarchive.blogspot.com

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