Oct 20 2013

Scream-A-Day No.20 – THE FRIGHTENERS (1996)

frighteners_0Before there was the little kid in Six Sense that could see dead people, there was Michael J. Fox.  But his ghosts were a little bit more fun to be around.  That’s why I picked this Scream-A-Day for a Sunday Afternoon horror romp.

After Frank Bannister has an accident that killed his wife, he can see ghosts.  The movie takes place where he uses his gifts to become a paranormal investigator. But everything is not what it seems as he gets his post-mortum friends to help him scare people and drum up customers.  But when a real threat shows up in the afterworld that’s killing people, Frank has to do something.

This was fun and had great characters and special effects.  It also starred Chi McBride, Trini Alvarado and Peter Dobson.


image source: classic-horror.com

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  1. mistylayne

    I used to love this movie so much! Watched it again last year for the first time in ages and felt it was a little overdrawn, a little long. Was a bit disappointing. But overall, still good fun. :)

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I haven’t watched it in a minute either. But it’s a great film.

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