Oct 09 2013


AHS Coven Students

With my past two Scream-A-Days series I include a couple TV Shows.  I think one show above all others tops the Horror of the small screen list.  AMERICAN HORROR STORY is FX’s flagship of fright.  It’s a series that you would almost see on HBO or SHOWTIME.

This Scream-A-Day is for the season 3 premiere of the series entitled Coven.  It’s about a group of young witches at a boarding school that need training to control their powers.  I watched the first episode and they didn’t take any time dancing around the horror.  It opens with a sadistic woman (Kathy Bates) of the 1800s torturing her enslaved African men and women in the worst ways.  Then it cuts to a young girl getting her groove on with her boyfriend.  Unfortunately, she didn’t know she had the cooch that kills.

Her mother fills her in on ‘inheriting witch powers’ and she gets sent to Hogwarts sister program in the US.  There she meets girls like her, but a little more experienced.  The teacher is pretty caring, but then Jessica Lange’s character take over and it’s – follow the rules or get the proverbial ruler smackdown.

For those of you that haven’t seen AMERICAN HORROR STORY, it’s a show that tells complete stories in single seasons.  But the interesting thing about the show is that actors and actresses come back and play different parts.  So it’s sort of like a traveling trope of actors that are traveling through a supernatural world.  Jessica Lang has already won an Emmy for her role (I believe season one), and I’m excited that Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are joining her this season.


This show ain’t for the squeamish, and I do mean ain’t!!  You can catch the first season on Netflix, and the second season should be there soon enough.  You can get them both on Blu-Ray now.


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  1. Marissa Sutton

    I loved season 1! I missed season 2 but heard it was better than the first. I was really impressed by season 3’s pilot; especially that the Kathy Bates character is based off a real person with a horrific tale in New Orleans.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I’m all in to season 3. I’m loving the new characters.

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