Oct 03 2013

Scream-A-Day No.3 – TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL

Tucker and Dale

Horror spoofs, comedic takes on the horror genre are often bad.  But every now and then you get a funny and original take on the traditional scare. Such is the case with this twisted and turned around slasher – TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL.

Yes, we’ve seen the weird country hillbillies play the role of the killers in the woods.  But what if they aren’t the killers but actually the victims… of circumstances?  Here is the setting: Tucker and Dale are on a get-a-way vacation. They’re minding their own business when a bunch of young city people cross their paths.  One of the ladies catches the eye of Dale.  He’s a really nice guy, but the preppy city folk don’t exactly know that.  And that’s where the suspicions and fears start bubbling and exploding to the point of ridiculous mayhem.

The conceptual horror twists are what make this film hilarious and enjoyable.  The comedic performances by Tyler Labine as Dale and Alan Tudyk as Tucker elevated this film to a higher level than other spoofs.  And still it was plenty of gore to give it that horror stamp of approval.  And yes, it’s streaming on Netflix (as of this post)!  Don’t watch the trailer if you want to be totally surprised.


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