Oct 24 2013


Masters horror jenifer cover

Alright! Here is where we get into the real stuff. But we’re not going to the movies for this Scream-A-Day! This crazy horror joint comes from the Showtime Series – Masters of Horror, and we’re talking about a girl named JENIFER!

Many of you horror fanatics know of the famous director Dario Argento.  Well he directed this one, but  Steven Weber wrote the teleplay.  You may recognize his face in the trailer, but I was surprised that he was into horror like this.

Now you may look at Geek Soul Brother with the side-eye, because this episode of MoH mixes sex and horror in the most original and disturbing ways. But I thought it was genius to encapsulate repulsion and titalation all in the same story.  Needless to say, Geek Soul Brother couldn’t look at a white woman with blonde hair for a week.  Here’s the trailer, but if you want to be surprised by the show, don’t watch it.  But if you want to know what your getting yourself into, this trailer will give you a pretty good idea.

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