Oct 15 2013

Scream-A-Day No.14 – MOTEL HELL (1980)


It’s always scary when a horror movie features a brother and sister act.  And a great classic sibling pair comes from this Scream-A-Day with plenty of vacancy – MOTEL HELL!

Vincent runs a road side stand where he sells vegetables and fritters.  Everybody loves the fritters because they’re so tasty.  Him and his sister prepare them from all of the animals in the area, even the road kill.  But they also do something more hainous.  They run a motel where the guest check in, but don’t always check out.  But there’s one young girl that needs a room, and Vincent takes a liking to her.  If only he could show her his wonderful garden.

MOTEL HELL had the gore of an eighties horror, but also had a real campyness and absurdity to it.  I liked how Rory Calhoun and Nancy Parsons played Vincent and his sister Ida.  One brought the calm crazy and the other brought the cray-cray.  Check out the trailer…


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  1. Msmariah.com

    You are perhaps the only other person I have ever heard mention this movie! I remember my parents went to see this movie at the drive-in when I was 3 yrs old. I was in the back seat and they kept yelling at me to lay down, but I would keep jumping up to see what was going on. Then I saw a guy with a pig head and people with their vocal chords cut. Yikes! Too much for a 3 year old. Why my parents had me in the backseat while they saw this movie, I will never know!

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Thanks Ms. Mariah. I try to hit people with films they may not have seen. Sounds like your parents were the same as so many other parents of people that love horror. My daughter saw the Alien video tape when she was young too. Probably explains a lot hahaha.

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