Oct 14 2013

Scream-A-Day No.13 – The Brain from Planet Arous (1957)

Brain from Arous

I’m all about the horror with monsters and crazed people running about, killing teenagers.  But for a Scream-A-Day on a Sunday evening, I like to go old school with something that kids can get a kick and a scare out of.  So in light of that, I give you THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS.  Monsters are great, but if I can get my mix of monsters and scifi, then that’s all the better for me.

Truth be told, I have to go back and watch this 50s flick again.   But I still remember enjoying it when I was young. The story starts up with a man that is taken over by a giant alien brain.  The floating grey matter wants to take over the world, but needs Steve March to run around and do evil things for him.  There’s also another alien brain, but that one just went ahead and took over a dog.  Yes, a dog.  That’s one of the crazy bits about the film that might have kids enjoying this one.

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