Oct 13 2013

Scream-A-Day No.12 – CARRIE (1976)

CarrieposterWe have one week before the remake of this Stephen King 70s classic comes out in theaters starring Chloe Moretz. Normally I’m leery of remakes, especially horror classics.  But I like Moretz in all of her work, and Julianne Moore is going to kill it as Carrie’s deranged fanatic mother.  But I’ll talk about that next week.  Today’s Scream-A-Day is CARRIE, the 1976 original!

Sissy Spacek plays Carrie, the sheltered girl who is constantly abused by her mother for being ‘sinful’, even though she’s the most non-partying shy and reclusive young girl in town.  But there’s one thing that make Carrie really special, she can move object with her mind.  telekinesis is what the old timers (like me) used to call it.  Psionics may be the term for this mutant loving generation now.  Carrie can’t lift a car or anything like that.  But she do a few things. That is until she gets mad.  Not just mad, enraged and mortified with embarrassment.  And to experience those things, you probably couldn’t find a more perfect place than High School.  Check the trailer, or don’t if you don’t like to spoil anything for yourself.  But I highly suggest you see the film.

image source: en.wikipedia.org

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